About us

Helping your child develop and learn through fun and creativity.


We have been providing wonderful child care services  in Edmonton for over 15 years at: Aspen Heights, Bluequill Plaza and opening soon at Ambleside in Windermere Community.


Aspen After School Care provides the best education  centered around our belief of "learning through play."   We pride  ourselves on being an early learning centre that ensures quality child  care to all families in a safe, educational  and fun environment. We  offer a nurturing and caring atmosphere for school going  children  as well as offers peace of mind to families.


We implement a developmentally appropriate  curriculum that is designed to stimulate the children through creating  unique learning experiences, promoting physical literacy, enhancing  creative expression while fostering emotional, social needs through  positive 

role modelling, supportive, and  sensitive interactions. Our staff strives to focus on the children’s  interests by planning activities that build on these observations as  well as on the curriculum.

Our  programs aim to emphasize the individual and group interactions in  hopes of everyone getting  along in each room and having fun filled  days! We have an open-door policy for all parents and guardians. We  embrace and encourage parent communication and family participation  within our centre's program.  You are always invited to share any ideas  that you may have to help further enhance your child’s interests, needs  and learning. Please remember communication is the secret to success!